SHIPPING UPDATE – August 21, 2016:

Dear valued customers,

Ok, so we are in that situation again where we are unsure of Canada Post and if there will be delivery interruptions due to contract negotiations. Here is my plan for this week:

For current orders that I have here waiting to ship – I spoke to my Canada Post ladies on Friday and they assured me that nothing would happen until sometime next week and shipping with them on Monday is totally ok. So I’ve decided that any Ontario orders will ship on Monday via Canada Post as most destinations within province will deliver within 2-3 business days. Any others outside of Ontario – I will be contacting you once your order is ready to ship and providing you with your options. I will include Canada Post as an option should you wish to take the chance.  (Please keep in mind that this adds a lot of extra time and preparation to the processing period, we really, really appreciate your patience!)

Thank you all for your understanding during this time! I will continue to update on facebook and on the website as things change and/or progress.

Yours in crafting,


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